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Building Information Modeling

The construction industry has historically been slow to adopt new technologies. However, recent advances in computer modeling are making real inroads toward changing how buildings are designed and constructed. These new technologies and processes, generally referred to as Virtual Design and Construction or VDC, help close the gap between idea creation (design) and execution (construction).




Metcon embraces these technologies and processes and has invested heavily to leverage these benefits for our customers. At Metcon, our goal is not to push the use of technology just because it is new or trendy. We believe BIM should be used when it creates discernable value for the customer. We are upfront about the fact that BIM does not solve all the challenges or explain all the intricacies of a construction project.

It is also important to note that Metcon does not use BIM as a profit center, but rather as a collaboration tool where it adds value. When applied appropriately, BIM can enhance the design and construction process.

 Here are some benefits we have discovered with the use of BIM / VDC:

  • 3D models to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Design and trade coordination
  • Construction sequence planning and schedule visualization
  • Options analysis to evaluate "what-if" scenarios
  • Material take-offs and cost estimates of information (Everything is double checked)


is a first of it kind marco BIM application:

  • Simple 3D Modeling
  • Real-Time Cost Estimating
  • Integrated Development Proforma
  • Integrated Energy Analysis
  • Highly Interoperable with other AEC software

Work smarter.

Late changes to the project are very costly and time consuming. DProfiler™ is designed to align cost with the design intent and the owner’s expectations earlier where changes cost everyone less.

  • Add Value
    Evaluate more alternatives in less time while assessing the design, construction costs, and operational costs simultaneously. The cost model created in DProfiler™ will enable you to determine the best mix of quality, cost, and time for the project.
  • Reduce Costs
    As more estimators near retirement, capturing their knowledge in a way that future generations can accurately use becomes increasingly important. DProfiler™ captures rules of thumb used for pricing concepts in a visual interface that entry level estimators can apply and understand.
  • Clarify Scope
    Construction experts must make many assumptions when estimating the cost a concept. DProfiler™ gives you the ability to confirm those assumptions with the other project participants using the visual model combined with the integrated estimate, scope document, and pro forma.
  • Engage the Team
    DProfiler™ creates an interactive experience for each project participant. The visual keeps everyone engaged, prevents confusion due to jargon, and enables the team to isolate components of the project in the visual and cost estimate concurrently.
  • Reduce Risk
    In construction, many financial commitments are based on conceptual information. DProfiler™ improves predictability and lowers risk by using many variables to calculate construction cost, not just simple square foot costs.